Media Spokesperson Beginner

For most people doing a media interview is daunting. While it can present a great opportunity, there are risks if you are not well prepared. This workshop guides participants through the five essential steps to successfully preparing and delivering safe and strategic media interviews.

  • How the media operates
  • Planning interviews
  • Preparing your media messages
  • Tackling the tough questions
  • Managing nerves

Participants conduct practice recorded interviews, and receive a digital copy of their practice interviews, and an Interview Planning template.

Recommended workshop durations:

 Participants per workshop  Workshop duration
1 3 hours
2 4 hours
3 5 hours
4 6 hours
5 7 hours
6 8 hours
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“ This course has given me the confidence to interact with the media on a more confident level. I enjoyed the practical experience which helps me understand what is required when interviews are requested.”

Myra Quartermaine, Rabobank